The walled city of Omerith is one of the biggest trading city in all of Areal.
It was established hundreds of years ago when a group of human and elves decided to start their own town. However, over time the humans and elves could not get along. They squabbled over government and religious aspects of the city. Eventually, the elves got sick of the human influences and most decided to leave Omerith. Now with most of the elves gone, it was time to establish rules and government with this aspiring city. The strongest of families started to decide how the city will grow. Omerith now started to really prosper during this time with trading. It seemed like everyone in the entire continent of Areal would move through Omerith to get to their destination. This made Omerith very prosperous. Many people of all races started to visit Omerith and as long as they had gold or something to trade, they were all welcomed. During this time, the city started to grow. Turning regular wooden houses into stone building and making the strongest families even richer. Eventually, the families decided to hire on for their shops and schools. Turning the families into houses. These houses eventually established the council. There are 5 council members, each representing not only the strongest of houses but also as major influence of government. The city become so big that the council members decided to build a giant wall around their city. Protecting it from all who would try to pillage this wealthy city. Currently, there are over 25,000 people living in Omerith. It is well protected from the City Guard to the Military protecting its borders. Some come to the city to study under the Seekers of Silentreads’ house. Others come to join the merchant house to help spread their wares. Mercenaries, Beast Hunters, and bounty hunters even go to this city in search of work. Omerith is a rich city where any dream can happen as long as you have the ambition for it.

Areal: "The Walled City of Omerith